episode 378

Episode 378 · September 15th, 2019 · 52 mins 18 secs

About this Episode

not quite live,
low level distraction,
movie knowledge ,
twilight batman,
team Jacob,.
raining men,
rohobeth beach,
non swimming brothers,
choon man chicken,
bon chon chicken,
spelling Ju,
women with children,
Grace Jones.
Jungle sex,.
Jumanji style,
grace jones scene,
sadistic and scared,
bambi laugh,
mufasa laugh,
bill cosby,
pudding sleep,
spanish fly,
dating girls who listen to show,
not with kids,
Al Bundy,
too offensive,
sounds pretty gay,
oscar validity,
rapper women,
megan thee stallion dick?
transgender Biggie,
transitioning Tupac,
greatest female rappers,
Pac with titties,
Dave Chappelle,
booty meat or nutz,
megan thee stallion rumored to have woody,

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