episode 377

Episode 377 · September 12th, 2019 · 50 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

movie theme,
12 Monkeys,
Dave Chapelle,
crazy shit,
least open minded,
ejaculate on foot,
1/2 Million,
pretend its' a bird doo doo,
jerk off stuff,
cummer guy,
nuts on toes,
pee vs nuts,
tuned out Ju,
quiet Ju,
nut spackle,
temperature issue,
pee luge,
pee or nut,
not both,
uncomfy Ju,
memory retention,
tons of friends,
shout out stevie smalls,
pussy whipped,
cute kids,
late nights early morning,
teller of truth,
swimming in the bahamas,.
running out the ocean,
come on,
juke the bull,
big league rodeo clown,
neighborly absence,
J's milf fantasy,
toe vag.
bare back toe,
safe words,
marraige wait,
toe bumps,
parafin nuts,
singing Ju,
dick busting,
nut busting,
Ju freestyle,
it's raining men,
let it sit,
crusty towel,

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