episode 314

Episode 314 · April 25th, 2019 · 41 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

obscure movie,
mouth kissing,
Ju Unit smooching.
quick bye,
kiss a lot,
bye boo,.
she's not so bad,
boyfriend huh?
no title yet,
tight lipped,
don't know name,
getting laid off,
out a state workers,
off days,
sharpened up,
basic math,
good money,
training and managment,
BK vs chic-fil-a,
bosses being dumb,
mandatory twice,
hard to deal with dumb,
get sharp,
hard head,
short arms,
thich jerk,
JU won't,
not in the face,
not missy,
hiding from R Kelly,
stop talking about the past,
press secratary,
cable upgrade,
only three dollars,
bang for buck,
internet needs,
solid upgrade,
any money is money,
dead wrong,
strip club plan,