episode 312

Episode 312 · April 21st, 2019 · 39 mins 45 secs

About this Episode

back to normal,
420 shout outs,
a light funnel cake,
shout to DC neighborhood,
post apocalyptic stadium,
pretty feet,
no stripper bachleor party,
I hope it doesn't happen,
literal and figurative,
growth episode,
cool ass people,
multi race babies,
serious work,
ability to walk away,
ugly sunscreen,
nasty osmosis,
gross people stuff,
funk infestations,
bad speakers,
bronners soap,
420 plans,
line music,
shouts outs,
full head of teath missing,
porta john,
porta john fucking,
porta john cleaning,
Janet Jackson,
tiny chick needed,
too big for the porta john,
8 hours,
full hustle,
booth thoughts,
song repeats,
loud mouth in line,
best lines,
VA sympathy's,
scheduled drug BS,
How to landslide for Trump,