episode 810

Episode 810 · December 14th, 2023 · 1 hr 2 mins

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brave new world,
got to be,
jerk to the kids,
high standards,
7 year itch,
done with the bullshit,
fuck you cunt's,
would be nice,
views reflected by individual,
would love to with,
the fictional woman,
pound of cunt,
dating show,.
kick em out,
don't want to catch anything,
don't like the process,
already uninterested,
mason and reality,
I'm an asshole you don't want,
reminding my mental block,
ridicule me for my thoughts,
different times,
build issues,
no more fluffers,
pee wee?
your my boy blue,
dust in the wind.
shark beef,
Mad Ju,

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