episode 754

Episode 754 · May 25th, 2023 · 53 mins 50 secs

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the Teddy Bear,
Presidential Merch,
Narco Luke Duke,
telling stories,
1.69 wins,
angles on pause,.
pinko ends?
Price Is Right,
ice cream snickers,
tresume 40 OZ's,
3 years of titties,
B to C,
kids get more help,
Spackle and Sploosh,
dog families,
calling the dogs,
what are we doing?
dumb shit,
pointy toe,
toe needs?
raging special kids,
don't know who?
they out there,
do it again,
ridiculous show,
fight like a chimp,
big N soapy,
Naked till you Leave,

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