episode 404

Episode 404 · December 19th, 2019 · 40 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

morning motivation,
bathroom cleaning,
pee smell,
40 year piss,
you ain't got the answers,
good game,
runner groping,
youth pasture shock,
bubble eye,
home with wet pussy,
LL style.,
doin it well,
fell through date,
facebook holla,
Ju Unit date,
dirty style,
catch a charge,
twinkie wrapper,
twiinkie meat,
bathtub kegle,
69 self,
blow self,
honey glazed,
virus spreading,?
line off,
santa blow sweater,
dc t shirts,
hunter s thompson quote,
fucking off,
Ju Burn,
same questions,
off the chain,
Dad's on dumbshit,
tiger blood,
can't is the cancer of happen,
gnaw on that,
court naked,
for a day,
yoga pants,
2 finger ass,
military running,

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