episode 400

Episode 400 · December 5th, 2019 · 42 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

400th time,
shout out the the rickety ship crew,
let me get a share,
a like,
share that shit,
you can be down too,
fellow choker,
shout out the friends,
pressure to wetter,
that's some bullshit,
banned from the show,
standing invites,
I ain't scared,
find us,
porta rico,
listenin on the water,
spring water being brung,
tall plants,
leg gnawing,
hydration importance,
soft gnaw,
teeth on junk,
vagina mask,
drunken rant on Oprah,
anti whoever,
double standard Bullshit,
opinions and labels,
subjective dependence,
empty drink,
beaver dams,
deer and trees,
traveling and fucking,
frog leggish,
hair floof,
child hair,
hair perspective,
be you,

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