episode 393

Episode 393 · November 7th, 2019 · 51 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

Ju Hair Style,
Mullet style,
hair shake,
shower drink,
shower mini fridge,
shower Wrong,
wash yo ass,
Local store issues,
ikea issues,
bed issues,
old school frames,
classic couch,
no schrunch,
Trae X family life,
responsiblity of world,
Agenda driven,
hotel party,
Saturday plans,
Self preparing,
tying up,
virgin memories,
if he fucked her right,
going after the wrong ones,
just trying to fuck,
not the one,
Marky Mark style,
shoulda watched,
right with me,
point break,
warchild style,
that would be a waste of time,
douchebag in real life?
flea cool,
chillipeppers hate,
celeb asshole?
Marky Mark,
Trae X beef,
Emmy Awards,
chair tossing,
Source Awards Style,
ain't got no love?
Haterade is serious,
charge potential,
New Kids Style,
not the best thing?
what coulda been going on back then?
John Witherspoon RIP.
family and horror movies,
Scared Sister,
make fun of being scared,
theme music issues,
feilds of fears.
haunted house shit,
hitting performers,
IT and the drain,
shout out Tim Curry,
unscared Mike,
Pulled over for Beads,
shout out to prostates,

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