episode 346

Episode 346 · June 30th, 2019 · 39 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

theme trivia,
older chicks,
iMovie BS,
Adobe Cloud,
tire change at speed,
Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris,
Chuck vs Jason Statham,
chest hair,
old folks list,
Sam Ellliot,
Lady T denies ol dudes,
the Voice,
shout out to Red,
soccer shit,
shout out to ball kickers,
St Ides,
Rapper Commercials,
Share the Show,
shout outs,
12" records,
night n day,
cassette tapes,
drinkin liquor,
Boo Lovin,
Would tell him,
claim me please,
jack rabbitin,
funny Ju,
wet girlfriend,
Ju Unit's Your Dad?
Cast Away style,
Days of Thunder building,
Emma Love,
Lookin Past,
background scene,
Prime Painted and Weighted,
ASMR porn,

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