episode 335

Episode 335 · June 6th, 2019 · 39 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

Harvest Blaque,
open mindedness,
soul sessions,
jail bound mumblers,
"new blackface"
lack of substance,
gifted vs talented,
colors in hair,
silly hair,
corporate art,
degrading the real,
kendrick with taylor,
keeping it real,
being yourself,
tekashi 96,
jailtime shit,
busting they ass,
bad nas,
short lived faze,
90s rap for kids,
parents music,
new kids cruise,
cruise problems,
don't mess with,
paparatzi BS,
Emma Watson,
stalker style,
modern fame,'
instagram comedy,
pride festival,
gay pride,
live ya life,
don't be a dick,
paintballing paparatzi,
Emma well wishes,
James Corden hate,
good times,
father gone,
aunt viv getting replaced,

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