episode 305

Episode 305 · April 11th, 2019 · 41 mins

About this Episode

agrivating the JU,
Red Dead Redemption,
too real,
following cops,
you can't do that on television,
buzz the other nights,
not taking care,
should have hid,
domesticated bass,
lazy tank cleaning,
ain't nobody catching him,
when doves cry,
fish year math,
math confusion,
fish abuse,
no nature skills,
UVA championship game,
wizards game,
girl at the bar,
Monique and support,
akward bodied white woman,
Amy Shumer,
36 36 38,
nasty mother fucker,
apples to oranges,
self empowerment,
short term memory,
start small,
trying so hard to be dumb,.